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Tips of Achieving A healthy Lawn Many people always think that lawn is not important. Apart from beautifying the environment, it has other functions as well. It prevents soil erosion by covering the soil, provide oxygen, fight off pollution, trap dust particle and prevent noise pollution by trapping sound. Do not just plant grass in any soil. You need to have healthy and fertile soil with enough nutrients to achieve a healthy lawn. Using soil test kits carry out soil test. In case you don’t have a kit you can purchase one. Soil test is going to give you a clear view of the fertility of the soil and if it is good for your lawn. Not only soil test but you can also walk around in the neighborhood and see how their grass is doing. From the surrounding you will gain practical experience of the soil.
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Getting Down To Basics with Lawns
You should also identify the grass type you want to plant. You find that different grasses grow in different geographical locations. It is very important that you consider variety of factors before you pick the grass of your choice. The climate of your area, the amount of rainfall, the temperature, and the slope are some of the factors that you should put into consideration. All these conditions are going to give you a guideline in choosing the best soil for your lawn. The soil that is used in planting the grass should be loosened using the appropriate tool. Loosening the soil is going to allow air in the soil. After that you should spread the seeds on the loose soil and cover them with a thin layer of soil. It is also essential that you do watering and application of fertilizer. You should research and know the best fertilizer for your lawn. They are important as they supply additional nutrients to the lawn. These nutrients are absorbed by plants which allow them to grow rich and healthy. Make sure that you apply the fertilizer at a regular interval according to the instructions given by the manufacturers. Apart from that you should always also do regular watering of your lawn to prevent the grass from drying or withering. As a result, you will achieve a thick, healthy and green lawn. Another important factor is the regular maintenance of the lawn. Pest and insect control, watering, application of fertilizer, weeding and mowing are some of the regular maintenance practices that you should carry out. Set a date when you will be carrying out the maintenance practices at some interval. The grass should not grow long it should be around two to three inches as this may keep it from many dangers like pest, weeds, and diseases.

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