Some Suggested Destinations for Buying Makassar Gold Silks and Other Souvenirs

Makassar is the famous destination in Indonesia. This town is one of the biggest towns in Indonesia. Specifically in eastern part of Indonesia, Makassar even becomes the biggest town. This is famous as the port town of Sulawesi. This town has a good history in the old time and there are some famous destinations to visit. Instead of those destinations, this town is also famous for its shopping destination. There are several great destinations for shopping in this town. Both the traditional and modern shopping is possible to do. About the traditional shopping, merchandise of Makassar gold silks and pearls are the famous things to find. Of course, there are special destinations for it and they will be perfect place for finding and buying those stuffs.

For the modern shopping, there is Trans Studio Mall Makassar. Since this is the modern one, this will not be the perfect place for buying the Makassar gold silks and pearls souvenirs. In this case, the Trans Studio is more about mall to shop various stuffs from national and international brands. The mall is quite large, even this can be the largest mall in Makassar. Finding some entertainment is also possible to do in this Trans Studio. Moreover, there is a theme park in this place so it can be good solution for modern vacation with some interesting things to do.

Related to the Makassar gold silks pearls souvenirs and other handicrafts, there are some place as suggestions. Since Makassar is famous for those souvenirs, actually they can be found in many places. However, these suggestions will be useful to find the great spot to find those merchandises; of course they are in great quality.

  • The first place is SombaOpu Street. This is the famous street in Makassar, especially to find the souvenirs made from gold, pearls, silvers and other materials. In this case, there are many shops along the streets. Visiting this street will be great moment of entertaining the eyes with various attractive merchandises. There are handicrafts made from gold, silvers, and pearls. Woodcarvings can also be find. Of course, the authentic woven-silks and handicrafts from Toraja can be found in shops along this street. The good point is that buyers are possible to bargain the price.
  • The other suggestion of place for buying handicrafts is TokoKerajinanUnggul. This is not like the SombaOpu streets that have a lot of shopping’s. This is only a shop but there are various handicrafts to find in this shop. Unique souvenirs from Makassar can be found in this place. Even, snacks and local foods can be found in his shop.
  • For buying the hand-woven silks from Makassar or Toraja, Aneka Sutra is the perfect spot for it. This place specifically sells complete collection of the silks and fabrics. Some clothes and even T-shirts are possible to find in this shop.
  • For buying stuffs in a bulk with lower price, there is PasarButung. This is the market specially selling things in bulks. Clothes, fabrics, shoes, and many kinds of accessories can be found and bought in this place. Of course, they are in good price. Bargaining the price is also possible to do.

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